Convert pull start 186F diesel engine to electric start

Converting a pull start 186F Diesel Engine into an electric start using our conversion kit.



The 10hp diesel engine clone and original Yanmars are very hard to start if you have them in pullstart only.  They can be converted to electric start if they have the removable plate where you poke the starter motor into see fig 2 below.  Below are the steps to convert your engine to electric start using our electric start conversion kit.  NOTE: Always where safety gear and practice safe techniques when dealing with machinery.  If you are not familar with small engine mechanics seek advice from a professional or give us a call on 063293048.

Step 1)  Remove the pullstart and engine cowling.  If your flywheel has teeth on it skip to step 5.

Step 2) Remove the pull start cup and the large nut.

Step 3) Remove the flywheel (The best way to remove the flywheel is to use the threads on the flywheel and a flywheel puller. Place tension on the puller and give the puller head a good whack as it a tapered shaft).  

Step 4) You will need to heat the ring gear before you place it onto the flywheel so that when it cools it holds onto it. 

5) Your newly teethed flywheel now needs the magneto/charging coil fitted to it.  Fit the circular brass plate to the flywheel using 3  countersunk bolts.  See Fig 1. Locktight the bolts you use on the brass plate.

6) Fit the magneto to your engine. Refer to Fig.5 below.  Check the white wire is tucked away and won't catch. There is a clip supplied that needs to go onto the flywheel.  This keeps the white wire out of the way. Locktight the bolts you use to hold the mageneto in place.

7)  Once the magneto is fitted to the engine fit the flywheel to the shaft again.  IMPORTANT:  Do the large nut up VERY tightly with an impact gun. 

8) Remove the starter motor cover. See Fig. 2.  Very carefully mount the Starter Motor here.

9) The wire from the magneto slips through the hole by the starter motor.  You put the plastic plug on after you have put the wire through the hole.

10) Put the cowling and pullstart back on.

11)  Fit the regulator bracket to the mounting holes on the outside of the engine.  You will find the two mounting holes underneath the starter motor. See Fig. 3 and Fig. 6.  Then fit the regulator to the bracket.

12)  See Fig. 4 for a close-up photo of the wiring.